Elevate Your Sales Training

increase your team’s performance by lifting their game.

Why Sales Training?

Is your sales team prepared to ask and answer these questions:

  • Do I know what's happening in my customer's market?
  • Why is it impacting my customer's business?
  • What is my customer's business mission?
  • Are their operational resources aligned with their mission goals?>
  • How do I provide a solution to fix their non-alignment?

Why Total Innovation Group, Inc.?

Total innovation Group, Inc. will work with your leadership teams to:
  • assess your situation
  • diagnose the challenge
  • design the solution
  • support the coaches in their reinforcement and integration of the behaviors within the sales team

Whether it is through a workshop that is designed to engage your sales team and re-shape targeted behaviors, or the more traditional classroom based training, TIGI will help develop your team in an engaging and practical way.

Total Innovation Group, Inc. can assist in defining your team’s business and learning needs, and build an engaging training program that is relevant and will get them practicing and putting the new skills to use.

Classroom Sales Training

refers to face-to-face instructor-led training and for knowledge edification, is considered the most effective form of learning.

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Workshops for Sales Training

are a participant-interactive training event. Rather than classroom content engagement, participants are divided into teams to create a more competitive environment, and are actively carrying out assigned activities and exercises designed to model behaviors and enforce their learning.

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Virtual Classroom Sales Training

is designed to be delivered in a virtual, or simulated environment, like a Webex. The instructor and most of the participants are in different locations, and the program can be recorded for viewing at a later time.

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