What our clients are saying

LABSCO Executive Team:


What a great contribution to our week! You were highly visible and influential throughout the week. None of us even thought to introduce you on Tuesday because you are such an integral part of the team. I am starting to see COF and the principles of TIGI becoming ingrained in the LABSCO culture (and we are just getting started). Prior to this week, I could only see uptake in certain parts of the organization, particularly the DSS team. This “next level of uptake” is really rewarding to see on so many levels. I was particularly proud of seeing TIGI at work during the role plays. A very impactful session.


On behalf of the LABSCO Executive Team, thank you so much for everything you did to make this a great week. It is recognized and truly appreciated!

A huge thank you from the LABSCO team!!

Executives’ Perspective:

what our clients are saying

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Sales Teams’ Perspective:

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