Best Practices in Justifying an Upgrade or Purchase of Capital Equipment

Capital EquipmentPurchasing new capital equipment, or moving forward with an upgrade is a challenging and risky task.

Around the globe, health systems are burdened by increasing costs and a seemingly never ending stream of new technology that requires investment to remain current.

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Challenge Your Customers: 10 Questions You Must Be Asking

screen shot 2012-11-28 at 2.51.29 pm-resized-159Without a doubt, you realize how tough it has become over the last couple of years, to sell to your customers.

Know where your customer is heading, by de-focusing on your company Hurts and re-focusing on the Hurts of your customers.

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3 Practical Ways to Revitalize Your Sales Force Today

revitalize-your-sales-force-258x300It’s tough out there.  The pressure for sales management performance has never been greater.  Is it time to breathe new life into your sales team?

This eBook offers practical ways to revitalize your sales force, today.

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5 Ways Your Sales Process Must Evolve in the “New Normal”

screen shot 2012-12-04 at 12.38.23 pm-resized-600The landscape for businesses has drastically changed in recent years.  For sales teams, learning how to adapt in this new environment can feel daunting, to say the least.

This eBook will help your sales team learn to adapt; which can result not only in surviving amidst uncertain times, but also in transforming your sales people into leaders in your industry.

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6 Signs It’s Time to Adjust Your Business Mission

screen shot 2012-06-05 at 5.19.04 pmThe effective sales organizations of today are guided by a mission calibrated to the “new normal” of healthcare.

Evolving your mission now to the fast-changing healthcare terrain is critical for your success in 2013.  This eBook will help you assess whether or not your organization needs to adjust your mission.

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7 Signs It’s Time to Develop Your People

screen shot 2012-12-05 at 11.45.52 am-resized-600Amidst the current struggling and evolving economic landscape, many sales teams are degrading in their ability to influence customers.

In order to determine if your company needs a culture overhaul, you can evaluate some basic components to indicate where you stand. This eBook will help you do just that.

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 Service Line Management: What Will 2013 Bring?

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 1.35.02 PM2013 may very well be a year of unprecedented change in the health care arena, particularly in regard to service line management.

This eBook will address many of the questions you may have, regarding Service Line Management.

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